All about us

Moonlight Productions was formed in 1993 with only one purpose:

To make your Special Day..
"The Best and Most Memorable That It Can Be!!"

Moonlight Productions entertainers have over 25 years of combined "Radio on-air" and "Mobile DJ experience". We have plenty of fun stuff and the expertise to keep You and Your Guests having fun ALL NIGHT LONG !

At Moonlight Productions we subscribe to a "Professionals Only" music service that provides us with all of the latest releases as they come out, this combined with our nearly 24,000 song titles, we can "Almost" guarantee that we will have all of the music that You & your Guests want to hear. We play as many of your guests requests as we can, after all "You" want people to remember "YOUR" special day as,

"The Day That Everything Went PERFECT !!"

DJ Bios

Rich Heavlin is the Owner / DJ of Moonlight Productions. He has been involved in broadcasting or Mobile Disc Jockey work since 1984. He started out in 1984 as a weekend on air personality at W.B.M.B. am / W.B.M.I. fm, the local AM/FM radio station. In 1988 he married Sue (Walters) and hired long time friend Mike Baker (a.k.a. Michael St. James) to DJ their wedding.

After working with Mike at 2 different radio stations, he started working as a "roadie / assistant". After about 2 years, in 1993, when Mike was transferred to another state by his primary job, Rich purchased Moonlight Productions.

This was the beginning of what has now become our Second Decade of making YOUR special day,

"The Best And Most Memorable That It Can Be!"

Rich performs ALL of the events himself, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SOME CLUB WORK.

There have been several people that have made Moonlight Productions what it is today!

Here are just a few of those people.....

Brian Thorne - Assistant & DJ. Brian and Rich have been friends for over 15 years, and actually stood up in each others weddings. He worked with Rich for over 4 years and is most likely the one person (besides his wife Sue), that made Moonlight Productions what it is today! Brian was a great DJ, and had the knack to read a crowd. MANY times he would beat Rich to the punch when it came to the next "Perfect" song to play. Brian moved on to other things with his family and was unable to continue working with us in February of 1998.

Steve Stamm - Assistant & DJ. Steve began working with Rich when Brian left in 1998. Steve and Rich have been friends for about 16 years. And Rich actually stood up as Best Man (very proudly) in Steve & Jasmine's wedding. Steve was also the one that persuaded Rich to move up the ladder with the addition of Tuxedo wear for all of the weddings that are performed at. Steve also has a great party personality, and is one of the mainstays of the party when the night gets late.

Staci Tyson "DJStaci" - Club DJ / Assistant. Staci Tyson "DJStaci" Staci is the newest addition to the Moonlight Productions staff. Staci joined us in July of 2005 and primarilary is our #1 Club DJ. Staci is currently not performing a lot due to other employment, but will be working more in the future.

Keith Weiler “DJ Keith” – Assistant & DJ. Keith joined Moonlight Productions in the Spring of 2007, and has performed at several weddings, and Graduation Parties. Keith brings his youthful musical taste to the party, and really keeps Rich on his toes!

Kevin McDonald - Assistant. Kevin is also one of our regular fill-in DJ's. Kevin has been friends with Rich for over 15 years, and is one of the most dependable people ever! It seems that he's ALWAYS there to fill in if a problem comes up.

There have been several others over the years, all making their own unique mark on Moonlight Productions.
Some of them are:
Roy Gildner, Frank Peterson, Jay Henry, Bill Krueger, Corey Ireland and Kim Rickel.